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oshawa-newborn-photography-oshawa-newborn-photograper-print-your-images-nursery-cute-baby-pictures-durham-region-photographerMoments in life are here and gone so quickly. When we are living them, it is hard to imagine that we could ever forget the sweetness of that moment in time. However, life can be like a fast moving train and one moment leads to another. With each special moment and passing season, you are writing your family’s story. The question is whether it will be a picture book or just written on the pages of your heart.

Documenting the chapters of your family’s story through pictures, gives your children a sense of belonging and history. As your family walks from one season to another, it’s so important to capture the passing seasons for your children and your family.

First there was mommy and daddy. See, this is what we looked like before you were born.

“Then came you. Look how little you were!”

“This is you and mommy and daddy together.”

It is often a mother’s responsibility to be the family’s historian. Investing the time and resources to capture your family’s history, is a precious gift to your children. When a child sees themselves, as well as your family, in photos hanging on the walls of their home, it gives them a sense of value and belonging. Not only are they special but they are a part of something bigger than themselves. Individually and together, we are a family.

So many children long for identity. A sense of their value and belonging. When you take the time to capture the moments, you give your children a reference to their history. Something tangible to trace their roots. Displayed photos are a daily reminder to children that they are important and worth remembering.

Believe it or not, one day those babies will be grown. All of the moments and seasons of their growing up years will be written on the pages of your heart. How will they remember the milestones without the photos to take them back and remind them of the moments so easily forgotten over the years?

When you stage a house to sell, one of the first things a realtor will tell you is to take down all of your family photos so that the potential buyers can see themselves living there. So I say, display those family photos so your children will see themselves living there.

This is their home because those are the memories of us. Let us share with you the beautiful story of our children and who we are as a family through the pictures hanging on the walls of our home.

Amour xo

Thank you so many amazing clients who participated in our contest. Congratulations to Tina & Ben for winning a $50 Gift Certificate to C’est l’Amour Photography! Here are some samples of how clients have displayed my work in their homes.

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C’est l’Amour Photography is owned by Joelle Mahepath and serves families in and around the GTA including but not limited to Bowmanville, Courtice, Oshawa, Ajax, Pickering, Markham, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, and Vaughn.

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